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The time of the Guardians is coming to an end.


It’s been one year since Sara Montgomery’s life changed forever.


One year since the sorceress Galatea returned, igniting a magical war. One year since Sara’s magic revealed itself, proclaiming her a Guardian.


Since then, there’s been no sign of Galatea, but Sara knows it’s only a matter of time and she and her allies need to be prepared. But following the loss of her amplifier, Sara’s magic remains weak, with no sign of growing stronger. Struggling to balance her life on Earth with her place in Wysteria, Sara also has to contend with her growing feelings for Felix, who is still dealing with challenges of his own.


Then, to make matters worse, Galatea returns with a powerful new ally in tow. With all hope of resurrecting her dead lover gone, she sets her sights on the Gates themselves—and the Guardians who protect them.


In this thrilling conclusion to the Guardians Duology, no one will escape unscathed and neither Sara nor Wysteria will ever be the same.

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